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Let's Talk Science - Albatrosses are on the decline potentially due to fishing lines with thousands of squid baited hooks, bird flu arrives in Antartica and has the potential to spread to Seals and Penguin colonies. Albatrosses like the Gibsons and Antipodean albatrosses (Adams Island and Antipodes Islands) have been declining – probably a result of tuna fishing where surface tuna fishing long-lines up to 100km long with thousands of squid baited hooks – these overlap with the foraging distribution of especially females which take the bait, get hooked, and then drown. So now the populations have declined with proportionately more and more males returning to the islands and even forming male/male pairs which of course don’t breed. Delayed maturation of 8 years also slows things along with breeding perhaps every two years even when things are normal. These factors combine to tip the breeding effort seriously down. Bird flu has arrived in Antarctica probably from South America / Argentina. Southern Elephant Seals and Fur Seals probably also affected and Penguin colonies in Antarctica will probably be affected. Bird flu is also found on bird islands like Falklands and South Georgia. Climate change with warming waters may change the distribution of food species in the water column or latitude so making the species unavailable to seabirds causing further stress on the birds. Species are adaptable but it is a question of timing and rate of change which may determine whether a species may survive changes. Play Episode


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Every Earthwise programme features a discussion on conservation, environment or peace with justice. The interview might be with a local Cantabrian, with someone in a different part of the country, or a distinguished person from overseas.
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Voice of Aroha
Voice of Aroha is an inclusive platform representing the voices of a variety of communities and their perspectives on many topics. This programme is run by a diverse group of former refugees in Wellington, with support from the local community.
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Cult Chat
Join Dr Caroline Ansley, Lindy Jacomb and Liz Gregory as they traverse the cultiverse. Journey with them as they unpack the cult playbook, talk to leavers of coercive and controlling groups in New Zealand, and share their stories.



The image of Kapiti Island above is by Trevor Heath.
Photography by Trevor Heath is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License Trevor Heath Photography (Trevor Heath) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0